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"To increase the expression of life through the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic."


Chiropractic care supports the body's inborn ability to heal by removing interference in the spine.  This interference is called a subluxation (misalignment) and can put stress on your nerve and energetic system, which in turn can have many consequences.  Ultimately, this stress diminishes your body’s ability to express life and health.

Whether you've seen a Chiropractor yourself or know someone who has, it is generally understood chiropractic care has helped many people with a variety of symptoms; however, it's not just limited to lower back pain and headaches.  By removing subluxations, your body is able to express life the way it was intended--vibrant and full of health.  Because of this, we hear over and over again how patient's sleep improved, they have more energy, they are able to control their anger better, they are doing better in school...the list goes on and on!

As you are adjusted, the brain, nerve, and energy system (which controls EVERYTHING in the body), improves and you start to function the way you were intended to.  Come see what chiropractic can do for you and your loved ones!

With offices in Cadott, Chippewa Falls and Hudson, we are assisting many families to lead vibrant lives!

Here is what a few others have experienced...

"Dr. Ashley and Dr. Lona are AMAZING. Myself, my husband and our 2 year old son see them on a regular basis. We are all sleeping great and rarely deal with any sort of sickness let along a sniffle. As chiropractic being our health care system we have chosen not to participate in the medical (sickness) model. We chose a happy healthy life!" -M.H.


"During both of my pregnancies I had regular visits with both Dr. Lona and Dr. Ashley. Both of my deliveries were quick, drug-free, all natural births and quick recovery times and I can definitely contribute that to the amazing care that both Dr's gave me. My last pregnancy (my Son is 11 weeks old now) was much tougher than my first and my Son was breech, one week after my initial visit with Dr. Ashley, he flipped from a special technique she used! I am so thankful that both Dr's care so much about their patients and are so knowledge in all aspects of Chiropractic care. They are wonderful!"  -S.B.


"I love the fact that Dr Ashley and Dr Lona are opening a clinic in Cadott. I can't even remember how long we've been going to the Chippewa office and my husband goes to the Hudson office occasionally when he's on the road. They are very professional with a fun vibe that make you feel apart of their family. I would definitely recommend them for your chiropractic needs." -S.T.


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